Why do you have a range of different brands?

We stock several brands including 2XU, Zone 3 and Blue Seventy to meet customer demand and different sizes! All our wetsuits are triathlon specific and are designed to make you swim faster by providing additional buoyancy. 2XU are the providers of wetsuits to the British Triathlon whilst the Zone 3 suits are the only wetsuits to score 10/10 in 220 Triathlon magazine.

If you would like to buy a wetsuit we carry several brands including Huub. If cleaned and well looked after, a triathlon wetsuit should last for several years.

Why use a Tri specific Wetsuit?

A triathlon wetsuit is designed for swimming. You will find the flexibility around the arms is incredible and will not impede your swimming. A triathlon wetsuit fits very closely and when you first put it on may feel too tight on the chest. Any tightness should disappear as soon as you enter the water. If the wetsuit is comfortable on the land then it is probably too big for you and will take in water when you start to swim. Practising in a wetsuit in the weeks prior to an event will give you more confidence.

A great triathlon wetsuit will keep you from burning too much energy in the first leg of the race. It improves overall efficiency in the water allowing you to charge into the transition with plenty of power in the reserve tanks. If you want to improve your overall triathlon times then using a specialist Triathlon wetsuit is good start, your swimming times will improve and as a result will have a positive effect on the two other stages.

TOP TIPS for putting it on

A wetsuit should be put on when you are dry. Tri wetsuits are more fragile than other wetsuits and you should take care when first putting on. Nails should be short and not sharp. Take off watches and jewellery to prevent them from damaging the wetsuit. Use plastic bags over your feet, and hands to help when putting it on, or wear socks. Avoid nail contact with the rubber, use finger tips.

Pull legs on first as far as you can, then pull on the upper body of the suit. Triathlon specific wetsuits are fragile compared to other wetsuits and require careful use to avoid damage. The suits are made to be put on slowly, wearing socks, and taking enough time to get the suit on correctly. Take care not to "chip" or snag the surface of the suit with your fingernails. Race wetsuits are made to take off quickly when done correctly. Using a lubricant will help (e.g. Bodyglide but NEVER Vaseline).

What to wear under your wetsuit?

You should wear under your wetsuit whatever you will complete the rest of the race in. Many triathletes wear cycling shorts, tri-suits or a swimming costume which they will keep on for the duration of the race. Everything will dry very quickly when you start the cycle. Tri-suits are designed specifically for swimming, biking and running. They dry quickly and are designed with padding and will prevent chaffing in certain areas.

What size am I?

Our order process asks you for your height and weight. Please be honest and accurate. If you think you need a medium solid suit go by your weight rather than height ie. a heavier person can't wear a wetsuit that isn't wide enough, but can wear it when it is too tall. If you have a tall and lean frame go by height.

Can I change my size once I have hired the wetsuit?

If you discover that your wetsuit is not the right size for you then please email wetsuits@wildside-online.co.uk to re-arrange a new size. You are responsible for any delivery costs as a result of changing sizes.

Please remember that if you are not used to wearing a triathlon wetsuit you will initially find it uncomfortably tight. The suits give once in the water.

Why is Postage £9.95?

All new and hire wet suits, are sent by courier and due to the value of the suits require a signature on delivery, if someone is not permanently at home we recommend you specify your work address for delivery. We only send out suits that are in perfect condition. The postage costs cover the courier service and packaging.

If you have any further questions please email wetsuits@wildside-online.co.uk

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